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Character Name: Haruka Amami
Source Canon: Idolm@ster Xenoglossia
Community Tag: Haruka Amami

Notes:The robots in Idolm@ster are called Idols, and their pilots are referred to as Idolmasters. The Idols all have keys after a sort, which can be used to communicate with the Idol from a distance. Also, Mondenkind Japan can be moved from Tokyo to wherever is most convinient (Atami, Tokyo-3, wherever.) The most important other member of Haruka's canon to have other than herself is Chihaya Kisaragi, who serves as a foil and rival to the girl. I have been notified that blowing up the moon will mess with other canons, but that detail can be changed around a bit while still letting all the Drop and Auryn stuff happen. A giant meteor did it, for example. It should also be noted that Xenoglossia's grunts start out just as powerful as Mondenkind's Idols, if not a little more powerful due to their claws. They possess the same gravity shield and flight capabilities the true Idols do, and only become grunts once they're coming in huge, autonomous swarms. When they first show up, RIFFA is directing one, and it is more than a match for an Idol that's out of tune with its master.

Yes, the grunt units have gravity shields and super-robot levels of armor.

Background: Haruka showed up one day for what she THOUGHT was a pop idol audition. She won, but it wasn't what she had expected at all-it was an audition to become an Idolmaster, and pilot a gravity-warping mecha known as an Idol to destroy the fragments of the moon that started to fall on the earth. Other countries use nukes, Japan uses giant robots. However, it soon becomes clear that there is another organization with their own giant robots, they aren't nice, and complicating matters even further is a secretive and amoral conspiracy that wields extensive power over Mondenkind...

Haruka's main problem is a lack of confidence. She is prone to doubting herself, especially when dealing with crazy circumstances (like, say, being put on her first anti-meteor mission with exactly one simulator mission under her belt). That said, Haruka does not let her fear stop her from achieving her goals. She will work hard and long to get where she wants to be, because she realizes that if you're paralyzed by fear, you'll never get to achieve your greatest wish.

Haruka's relationship with Imber is like that between a boyfriend and girlfriend, albeit complicated by the fact that one of them is a giant non-vocal alien robot. She believes in Imber, and that together the two of them can handle anything, but doesn't deal well when she feels that he hates her (which is usually just Imber being depressed for one reason or another. Communication!)

She fights because she can; Haruka's capable of fighting with Imber, and so she wants to use that power to create a world where the Idols don't have to fight. She's not too big on fighting human opponents, and will try to talk them down. She definitely won't take a life if she can avoid it.

lastly, Haruka is a bit dense. This, coupled with occasional clumsiness, has earned her the nickname of "Stupid Ribbon".

Capabilities and Resources: Imber lets her pilot him. In fact, she is able to harmonize exceptionally well with Imber, bringing out his capabilities to the fullest.
Robot Name: Imber
Robot Description: Imber is capable of flight, and can transform into a boxier form where the boosters on its legs allow for supersonic flight. Its only weapons are its fists, supplemented by the large metal bits coming off of its forearms. In combat, they move over its arms to extend its reach and give it greater striking power.

Imber is capable of manipulating gravity, which is what grants it flight. It also uses this gravity control for an energy shield, and supplementing its punches and kicks. Imber's energy source is infinite, so its operational runtime is limited only by the pilot's endurance.

Imber has some level of AI. Whether this is truly sentient or not is a matter of debate, but the fact remains that Imber can move on its own, and has only allowed two people to pilot so far (Haruka and Chihaya). The relationship between Idol and pilot (or Master) is an odd one, being more akin to a romance than anything else.

For a more game-mechanic oriented description, Imber is a super robot with strong armor, a powerful energy shield, high movement, and limitless EN. All of its attacks are melee strikes. In terms of physical stats, Imber is 30 meters tall and weighs in at a little over 300 tons. Yes, it is that goddamn heavy.
Terrain Stats:
Land: C

Upgrades: "Super Imber" frame, gained late in the series. Replaces fist-things with a spatial warp device that can cause humoungous explosions through abusing Imber's gravitational powers. Adds even more armor, while maintaining the same top speed. It doesn't actually have a name in-series, this is just what I like to call it.

Job: Student, becomes a normal idol midway through the series.

Suggested Event List: (Stuff after dashes takes place between missions)

Stage 1-The Penguin Proceeding To The Capitol
Haruka moves to the city, and gets rather lost. While wandering, she ends up near the sea, and is attacked by Chihaya and RIFFA. Imber arrives and forces her into his cockpit, Chihaya jumps into Nubilum, and they fight briefly before Nubilum is forced to withdraw (In the series, this is due to Nebula, returning from a Drop-smashing mission. Also, Azusa was there watching over her, and engaged in a kung-fu fight with RIFFA. Since Nubilum is the only enemy at this point, it's a good idea to combine with other early stages.)

-Haruka joins Mondenkind
-some difficulty is had getting Imber to start up again; Haruka gets him to work, but must then go aid Iori in a drop-smashing mission gone awry, with only one simulator exercise under her belt. She suceeds, of course.

Stage 2-At the Height of 20,000 Meters
During a routine drop-smashing mission, Makoto and Haruka are launched. However, it quickly becomes clear that the Mondenkind base has been hacked, as drop start appearing and disappearing with wild abandon (and, well, meteors don't just vanish.)

Haruka spots an actual meteor and punches it out, revealing Nubilum, piloted by Chihaya. It and Imber fight, knocking Imber back into earth's atmosphere. Nubilum follows suit with a fine re-entry kick, and fights Imber on earth. Haruka's ass is officially kicked. Nubilum is rather damaged from the fight as well, and when the hacking is defeated and Makoto is on her way, she decides to retreat.

But not before tossing Imber to earth from space.

-Haruka and Imber are out of commission for a while
-Once back in action, a "Harmonize" is performed between the two, allowing them greater performance in battle.
-The staff at Mondenkind is unable to properly perform the Harmonize. They must go convince Ami Futami to help them, a young pop idol who gave up on Idols after Tempestas vanished off the face of the earth seven years ago-with her sister inside of him.

Stage 3-Nifelhiem
A new Idol core is detected under Mt. Grims in Iceland, and the team gets sent to retrieve it. It's the Hiems core, and has been preventing earthquakes in the area for the past 20 years. Nubilium and a man-made Idol, Epimetheus, show up to wreck the party. All the fighting triggers a violent reaction from Hiems, shutting down the idols, causing Mt. Grims to erupt and scattering team hero.

Haruka meets Chihaya in person for the first time, which ends about as well as you would expect. Makoto, meanwhile, recovers from her earlier fight with Epimetheus and dives with Nebula into the volcano to retrieve Hiems.

Epimetheus also enters the volcano, fights and defeates Nebula in the lava. Hiems starts to flip the fuck out again, and Haruka has to punch the volcano, using Imber's gravity powers to keep the gravitational screwyness from destroying the entire island. The island is saved, and Haruka achieves previously unheard-of levels of harmony with Imber, but Turiavita gets away with the Hiems core.

-Saku Hibiki joins the Mondenkind Japan staff
-Makoto is forever rejected by Nebula, and deserts
-Iori becomes Nebula's master
-Imber briefly goes berserk during a matinence test
-Haruka discovers Imber still has files on Chihaya.

Stage 4-Night
Mondenkind Japan suffers from a hacking by Yukiho, and their Tsukimi island base is taken over by soldiers from Turiavita, backed up by Epimetheuses. The entire staff of the island is massacred, excepting Ami Futami. She is held hostage by Turiavita, in exchange for Mondenkind's Idols.

Saku and the higher-ups are just fine with letting her die, but heroes, so FUCK THAT NOISE. Yukiho hacks the system again as a distraction, and rides with Haruka in Imber while it and Nebula head out to rescue the girl.

Nubilum and Hiems are both waiting, with Heims sporting a railgun and a claw instead of the usual Idol fists. Nebula fights Hiems, getting its ass kicked quite quickly, while Haruka heads off to rescue Ami herself.

Haruka talks to Chihaya again, but things go very wrong very fast when Yukiho grabs her key to Imber and hands it to Chihaya. Chihaya, being the crazy bitch that she is, breaks it. Yukiho takes over controlling Nubilum for the rest of the series, and Chihaya takes Imber. Nubilum takes off, and the blast knocks Haruka off a cliff face.

Stage 5-Goodbye (stage 4 Cont.)
Soldiers from the MSA, a military arm subservient to the Cat's Grand Lodge, clash with Turiavita forces around the Idols. Iori, through SPIRIT, gets Nebula to take off again, but she is faced by RIFFA and Epimetheus.

Yukiho moves to capture Ami before they leave, but a mysterious light shows up, and everyone gets a blast from the past as the fifth and final Idol arrives-Tempestas is back, after vanishing for seven years. Tempestas quickly takes down Nubilum and Imber, then flies up into the air and creates a weird noise. All the idols deactivate, and Asuza, Chihaya, and RIFFA recieve terrible headaches.

Saku notes that all the Idol cores are gathered in one place, and asks his superiors to use Vulturius. They agree, and he arms the device-an obscenely powerful orbital laser cannon. It'll have enough power to wipe out the entire island where the conflict takes place, all five Idol cores, all the other heroes and create a tidal wave powerful enough to cause over 500 million casualties. Haruka is found, unconscious but alive.

Tempestas stops whatever interference it was producing, and the Idols can move again. Turiavita launches missiles at Vulturius, by they explode too early-the satellite is just too high for them to reach. Epimetheus heads off to try smashing it, while Tempestas drops off the pilot it had been carrying for the past seven years. It follows Epimetheus.

Vulturius fires, completely destroying Epimetheus. Tempestas blocks the laser with its gravity shield, but still takes enough damage to completely destroy its frame. The bad guys get away with Heims , Nubilium, and now Imber, while Nebula's wrecked, Tempestas is unusable, and Vulturius remains fully operational.

-Haruka is overly happy in the next few intermissions, before getting called on it and going into a deep depression.
-If it's not clear already, here is when Chihaya states her goal to "Become one" with Imber. She is a psycho girlfriend to the core.
-Turiavita destroys several Mondenkind facilities around the world and an island. They demand that Mondenkind hand over all the Idol cores.
-The cat's grand lodge forces take over Mondenkind Japan, and the Idol team is disbanded. They try to seal the cores in the "Virtual Field" an alternate dimension of some sort.
-before they can succeed, TEAM HERO takes back the base.
-Saku, while relinquishing command, mentions that when all five Idols are brought together they will activate "Auryn", bringing about the end of the world.

Stage 6-RUN!
Turiavita begins their assault on Mondenkind's japan base. They bring Hiems, Imber, Nubilum, and one metric frackton of Epimetheuses to the fight. Shiny upgrades abound, as Imber is now using the Super Imber frame, Nubilum has a laser cannon, and Nebula has been upgraded to have launchable claws instead of its previous hands.

Super Imber proceeds to destroy most of tokyo with one strike from its spatial warp device, but Nebula manages to wrestle it still long enough for Tempestas's core to try the resonance thing again. Unfortunately, Imber's been altered so that such a thing will not work, and it knocks Nebula aside.

Haruka gets to show off her mad ninja skills, and climbs aboard Imber. She is thrown off, but confesses her love for Imber mid-fall.

Imber takes his first autonomous action since Chihaya captured him, forcibly ejecting her and using his gravity abilities to float Haruka in mid-air. Bad guys retreat.

Stage 7-Revival Year Calendar 108 (Should be changed to whatever year the game starts in, +1. This occurs just after new years, after all. Other titles are more than welcome, especially if the date has to change.)

When the Turiavita base is found, the endgame begins. The world's militaries head off to level the place.

Chihaya activates the "Schmelzofen" inside the Turiavita base, draining their power and preventing it from launching its WTFHUEG numbers of Epimetheuses. In-base drama proceeds, which relies heavily on other characters from the canon, but at the end of it Yukiho is in Nubilium, Makoto decides to be a good guy again, and Chihaya successfully activates the base's full functionality.

The base is, it turns out, another alien artifact similar to the Idols. It takes to the sky and launches its full compliment of Epimetheuses. Indeed, the crazy gravity-warping powers of the island cause sea levels world-wide to drop rapidly. Auryn begins to act up, and Suka begins charging Vulturius-this time, with even more power!

Imber (and whatever hero mecha tag along) head off to the base, where they engage and annhilate the huge swarms of Epimetheuses (Note: In the series, Nebula and Tempestas acted as a lure for most of the Epimetheuses, and stayed back in Japan, where they were joined by Hiems.) fighting stuff blah and every Epimetheus is destroyed, giving Haruka the chance to have a final climatic battle with Yukiho. She of course tries to talk her friend down first, but that doesn't work, and so out come the giant robot fists. Imber, it should be noted, loses this fight. Chihaya tries to fuse with Imber, but fails and dies.

Of course, Vulturius is still charging, and Nubilum tanks the hit for Imber and Yukiho. Its frame is destroyed, its core is damaged, and the entire island is annhiliated-the two Idols were inside the base at the time of Vulturius's firing. Nubilum's core flies up to space and merges with Auryn, setting up the FINAL STAGE. (Also, I don't know quite why, but in the series Imber was using its normal frame for this mission.)

Stage 8-The Penguin And The Moon

Auryn is the gravitational anomaly that's been taking the place of the moon for the past 107 or so years. With Nubilium's core inside, it has been thrown out of balance, and will create increasingly powerful gravitational disturbances until it destroys the earth. The only solution? Reunite it with the other four Idol cores. Together, they will balance out each other's gravitational powers, saving the earth.

Things aren't as easy as they seem, though-Auryn's screwyness has caused meteors to go flying around like crazy, and team hero must help the Idols battle through the hordes of space rock on the way to Auryn. Vulturius is destroyed by the flying space rocks.

The team makes it past the space rocks, and Haruka and Imber share a brief, tender moment inside of Auryn. Then, he forcibly ejects her from his cockpit, sending her back to earth. She holds up her key, and it dissolves into light, forming the japanese characters for "I love you".

(This mission would need some work. In the series, once the five idols entered Auryn, some more crazy stuff happened and it left this dimension for good. Some way to rescue the Idols will have to be figured out, because otherwise every single Xenoglossia character will be without a robot.)

(Also, this was the first time Haruka got to use the Super Imber frame in the series. There weren't any upgrades after it, but if we feel the need one could be arranged...maybe adding a ranged weapon, maybe more speed, maybe loading two other cores onto the same frame to create a gravitational Zeorymer...okay, probably not that last one. But after the Auryn thing gets resolved, we can do pretty much whatever with the Xenoglossia cast and mecha.)

Sample Post:

Haruka came to a stop at a corner. "Um, let's see, I need to head to Izayoi dormitory..." She glanced up at the street sign, then down at the simple map Yayoi had sketched for her.
"D-don't tell me...I'm already lost! Aw, jee-"
She was cut off as a sonic boom rocked the city, and a strange shilouette vanished off into the sky.
"Huh...What's that, I wonder..."
"An Idol!"

Haruka looked down at the boy who had just spoken up. He couldn't be much older than five or so, and she could see the rest of the kids just a little bit away with a teacher. She looked back up into the sky, where all that was left to show of the mysterious object was the hole it punched in the clouds.
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